The Victorian Area

The Victorian Area was an age where patriarchal ideologies were the standard and gender roles were strictly in place, the stereotypical women are delicate, and men presented as powerful. An account of a Capulets servant, Sampson, on a Monday morning, is the epitome of the attitude towards gender role, “Tis true: and therefore women, being the weaker/ vessels, are ever thrust to the wall. Therefore, push I will/ Montague's’ men from the wall and thrust his maids”. Sampson argues that he is more of a man for pushing Montague servants and assaulting women.

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Democracy in America

Alexis de Tocqueville believed that equality was the great political and social idea of his era and America offers the best example of advance equality in action. He admires the idea of individualism in America, but he thinks individuals can easily be lost trying to fit in, resulting in their individual rights being compromised. He was truly impressed with the stability of the economy and how religion was made an important sector. America to him was an irony because it was a freedom loving country that had people as slaves and mistreated the Native Americans who were already there. Tocqueville feels the greatest threat and downfall of democracy in America is the tyranny of the majority where the majority will always have the say of how things will go.

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High school

There have been very few events in my life that I would consider life changing in which have both impacted and inspired me so much to the point where it changed my outlook on life. One incident that changed me is when I moved schools. Everyone has to do it at some point and maybe multiple times, but one of the most changing experiences was beginning high school. Mostly everyone changes when they start high school. People lose friends and gain friends and grow up and become young adults.

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